Seasonal Services

Cub Cadet TractorThe Power Barn for Top Quality Seasonal Service and Storage of Outdoor Power Equipment
 The Power Barn offers seasonal service for all the major brands of outdoor power equipment. We realize that if you are a medium-to-large size property owner, you may use multiple types and brands of maintenance equipment for your exterior lawns and surrounding grounds. Whether your outdoor equipment includes Cub Cadet Utility Vehicles, Ariens Zero-Turn Mowers, Gravely Mowers, Husqvarna Stand-On Lawn Mowers or Hisun ATVs, your equipment will need servicing at the end of the summer growing and autumn harvesting and property maintenance seasons.
 We provide full seasonal servicing for all types of lawn mowers, zero-turn mowers, tractors, string trimmers and snow blowers. Other items of equipment that we offer end-of-season services for include leaf blowers, log splitters, chainsaws, generators, UTVs, ATVs and tillers. If you bring your outdoor power equipment to us for service at the end of the growing and harvesting seasons, the first items to be serviced will be snowblowers. This will ensure that they are in top condition for use during the late days of autumn and early days of winter to clear sidewalks and building entrance walkways after snowstorms.
 Other equipment will be serviced during the fall and winter months to prepare them for use again next spring before the planting and growing seasons arrive. At The Power Barn, we also provide winter storage of outdoor power equipment for any customers who request this service. Although our storage space is somewhat limited, we now have a new building with indoor storage availability. When an item of equipment is stored, a deposit is required, and full payment is charged following the completion of seasonal service of equipment, even if this equipment is being stored with us for the duration of the winter. Your payment can be processed conveniently via a phone call, if you like.
 Equipment Maintenance and Storage Procedures
 There are various standard procedures that our well-trained, experienced staff will follow before performing maintenance procedures on your outdoor power equipment and/or prior to storage, such as:

  • Disengaging drives, lowering all tool positions and applying the parking brake.
  • Turning off the engine and removing the key or disconnecting the spark plug wiring.
  • Ensuring that all operation movements have stopped prior to cleaning, adjusting or repairing machine parts.  
  • Removing all grass, soil or debris from the cutting mechanisms, drives, engine and muffler to aid with fire prevention.  
  • Performing thorough cleanup of any spilled oil or fuel.  
  • Turning off power when transporting or storing equipment to conserve fuel usage. 
  • Refraining from storing fuel near flames or draining fuel from equipment indoors.  
  • Parking equipment on level ground and making use of jack stands for supporting equipment as needed.  
  • Releasing pressure from machinery with stored energy capacity. 
  • Disconnecting the battery before performing maintenance or repairs for equipment.  
  • Examining sharp blades for wear-and-tear after wrapping them or putting on protective gloves and taking care to replace worn blades rather than welding or straightening them.  
  • Replacing all damaged, worn or faded decals as well as the discharge shield on equipment.

Types of Equipment Serviced by The Power Barn Experts 
 Different brands and types of outdoor power equipment serviced by the expert professionals of The Power Barn include the following makes and models:

  • 2017 Gravely Pro-Turn 460 XDZ 992278. - This top-tier commercial lawn mower has a unique Constant Belt Tension System (CBT), which assures the equipment operator of accurate belt tension during operation and dependable blade tip speed. This model will be checked during maintenance procedures for degrees of fuel efficiency. Whether you own this type of mower with a gas or with a diesel and liquid propane powered engine for eco-friendly, cost-effective operation, our equipment maintenance experts will ensure that your mower is in excellent running condition prior to its storage for the next ground preparation, planting and growing seasons' use.
     Our technicians are well aware of the importance of maintaining exacting tension for proper operation of the CBT system, and they will fine-tune this feature to ensure optimal use for the duration of next year's busy tilling, planting and cultivating seasons.
  • 2018 Hisun Tactic 550 2-Up. - This full size modern off-road vehicle has a 4-Stroke OHV 546cc Single Cylinder EFI Engine and 4-Wheel drive for navigating the most rugged, difficult paths and trails. This model offers Dual A-Arm Nitrogen Assisted Shocks for an outstanding, smooth, steady ride. All these updated features will be completely examined and tested for performance during our technicians' pre-storage seasonal service procedures. This model's front and back end cargo racks along with its 2500 LB Winch make it ideal for any off-road excursion. The security of these components will be checked during maintenance sessions.  
     Our technicians will tune-up the engine and test the Dual Ventilated Hydraulic Disc front and rear brakes for effectiveness, and this vehicle's Electronic Starting System will also undergo testing for excellent operation.  
  • 2017 Cub Cadet Z-Force® L 60 KH. - This model features a Dual Hydro-Gear & trade transmission or a ZT2800 & trade transmission with an oil reservoir and filter, as desired. The transmission will be given full attention during the seasonal servicing process. The updated front axle manufactured of welded or fabricated high durability steel with sealed ball bearings will be carefully examined for flaws or wear-and-tear during servicing.  
     The hand lever with spring assist of the deck lift will be checked for strength and accuracy of operation, and the 60-inch, triple-edged, high-lift cutting blades will be fully examined. This machine's heavy-duty, 12-gauge, welded single piece steel frame that is reinforced and full-length will be carefully examined for any areas of weakness or damage. In addition, this model's electronic fingertip operation of the PTO Clutch will be tested for top quality, easy and consistent action.  

Our Seasonal Service Experts Will Advise and Assist You

 Prices for our seasonal service at The Power Barn start at $39.95 plus parts for push mowers, $129.95 plus parts for tractors and $69.95 for snowblowers. Although our experienced technicians will check your equipment carefully for any signs of wear-and-tear or damage, it is always helpful if you inform us of any issues or problems you may be experiencing when using your outdoor power machines. Our experts can then address these problems while performing thorough servicing of your equipment.
 Contact us today for further information concerning seasonal servicing and storage of your outdoor power lawn and garden equipment. We are always available to offer expert advice, maintenance, repairs and storage services for your valuable modern machinery that is essential for upkeep of your property's gardens, lawns and grounds.